MPI MIS Phonebook - S

To reach people from the Max Planck Institute by phone you must call +49 (0) 341- 9959 - EXT (for extension see table below).

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Surname, first nameEmailPhone (Fax)OfficeHomepage
Sağlam, MuratEmail: Murat.Saglam862H 05 
Sapozhnikov, ArtemEmail: Artem.Sapozhnikov733K 06personal
Saucan, EmilEmail: Emil.Saucan601C 01 
Schinke, HeikoEmail: Heiko.Schinke692D 06personal
Schmäschke, FelixEmail: Felix.Schmaeschke860H 05group 
Schmorde, NadineEmail: Nadine.Schmorde705E 02 
Schneemann, BrittaEmail: Britta.Schneemann704E 01 
Schnurr, MichaelEmail: Michael.Schnurr837M 03 
Scholtes, SebastianEmail: fogast03977L 11 
Scholz, KatrinEmail: Katrin.Scholz651D 08 
Schönfelder, JensEmail: Jens.Schoenfelder668D 11 
Schwarz, MatthiasEmail: Matthias.Schwarz882H 12 
Simon, Thilo MartinEmail: Thilo.Simon957L 05 
Sokoloski, SachaEmail: Sacha.Sokoloski543A 11 
Sosa Garciamarín, GerardoEmail: Gerardo.Sosa516B 09group 
Spadaro, EmanueleEmail: Emanuele.Spadaro953L 03personal
Spolaor, LucaEmail: Luca.Spolaor727K 04 
Stadler, Peter F.Email: Peter.Stadler558B 04 
Stadler, Bärbel M. R.Email: Baerbel.Stadler532A 08group 
Stark, ErikEmail: Erik.Stark693D 06 
Steffenoni, StefanoEmail: Stefano.Steffenoni728M 06 
Stevens, AngelaEmail: Angela.Stevens875H 09 
Strötzel, ViktoriaEmail: Viktoria.Stroetzel740K 02 
Székelyhidi, LászlóEmail: Laszlo.Szekelyhidi783F 13 
Szkoła, ArletaEmail: Arleta.Szkola666----personal
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