Pattern formation, energy landscapes, and scaling laws

Felix Otto

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+49 (0) 341 - 9959 - 950

Inselstr. 22
04103 Leipzig

Administrative Assistant:
Katja Heid
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+49 (0) 341 - 9959
- 951
- 658

Group Members

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Surname, first nameEmailPhoneOfficeResearch groupHomepage
Otto, FelixFelix.Otto950F2 01group
Administrative Assistant
Heid, KatjaKatja.Heid951F2 02 
Group Leader
Ried, TobiasTobias.Ried959F2 07external
Scientific Staff
An, JingJing.An968F2 12external
Chatzigeorgiou, GeorgianaGeorgiana.Chatzigeorgiou960F2 08group
Goering, MaxMax.Goering720E2 03Bernd Kirchheimpersonal, external
Gvalani, RishabhRishabh.Gvalani735E2 07also Benjamin Gesspersonal
Heydecker, DanielDaniel.Heydecker969F2 13external
Khoromskaia, VeneraVenera.Khoromskaia727E2 04personal
Koch, LukasLukas.Koch958F2 06personal
Krupa, Sam G.Sam.Krupa722E2 03also László Székelyhidiexternal
Tsatsoulis, PavlosPavlos.Tsatsoulis957F2 05also Benjamin Gesspersonal
Ph.D. Students
Kunick, FlorianFlorian.Kunick976F2 10also Benjamin Gess 
Linares, PabloPablo.Linares965F2 10 
Mattesini, FrancescoFrancesco.Mattesini977F2 11part time 
Pertinand, JulesJules.Pertinand666----part time, also Antoine Gloria 
Prodhomme, MaximeMaxime.Prodhomme739E2 09part time, also Max Fathi 
Sattig, GabrielGabriel.Sattig837G2 03László Székelyhidi 
Schliewe, DanielDaniel.Schliewe842G2 07Stephan Luckhaus 
Tempelmayr, MarkusMarkus.Tempelmayr972F2 15 
Wagner, ChristianChristian.Wagner974F2 15 
Affiliated Members
Hollands, StefanStefan.Hollands8022G3 02Stefan Hollands 
Kirchheim, BerndBernd.Kirchheim8041G3 02Bernd Kirchheim 
Székelyhidi, LászlóLaszlo.Szekelyhidi8023G3 02László Székelyhidi 
von Renesse, MaxMax.von.Renesse8044G3 02Max von Renesse 

Future Group Members

  • Tione, Riccardo (from 01.02.2022)
    • Affiliation: École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Mathematical Department, Switzerland
24.01.2022, 01:40