Pattern formation, energy landscapes, and scaling laws

Felix Otto

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+49 (0) 341 - 9959 - 950

Inselstr. 22
04103 Leipzig

Administrative Assistant:
Katja Heid
Email, Phone/Fax:
+49 (0) 341 - 9959
- 951
- 585

Group Members

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Surname, first nameEmailPhoneOfficeResearch groupHomepage
Otto, FelixFelix.Otto950F2 01group
Administrative Assistant
Heid, KatjaKatja.Heid951F2 02 
Group Leader
Perkowski, NicolasNicolas.Perkowski737E2 08 
Scientific Staff
Bella, PeterPeter.Bella975F2 07guest statusexternal
Fehrman, BenjaminBenjamin.Fehrman971F2 14personal
Khoromskaia, VeneraVenera.Khoromskaia727E2 04personal
Menne, UlrichUlrich.Menne666----L. Szekelyhidiexternal
Runa, ErisEris.Runa739E2 09S. Luckhaus 
Sadik, SouhaylSouhayl.Sadik731E2 05S. Luckhaus 
Sauer, JonasJonas.Sauer958F2 06group
Smith, Scott AndrewScott.Smith970F2 13 
Steffenoni, StefanoStefano.Steffenoni728G2 06K. Kroy 
Xu, QiangQiang.Xu961F2 08 
Ph.D. Students
Raithel, ClaudiaClaudia.Raithel955F2 05 
Schliewe, DanielDaniel.Schliewe842G2 07S. Luckhaus 

Future Group Members

  • Josien, Marc (from 03.09.2018)
    • University/Company: Ecole nationale des ponts et chaussées (Marne la Vallée), Cermics, France
  • Ried, Tobias (from 01.10.2018)
    • University/Company: Karlsruher Institut für Technologie KIT, Fakultät für Mathematik, Germany
  • Linares, Pablo (from 08.10.2018)
    • University/Company: Instituto de Ciencias Matemáticas (ICMAT) (Madrid), Spain
  • Schenke, Andre (08.10.2018 - 07.11.2018)
    • University/Company: Universität Bielefeld, Fakultät für Mathematik, Germany
15.08.2018, 23:40