Spin Glasses

  • Lecturer: Tobias Ried
  • Date: tba
  • Keywords: spin glasses, quenched disorder, phase transitions, random Gibbs measures, metastates


In this course we will study disordered (classical) spin systems on the lattice. After a short introduction to the statistical mechanics of lattice spin systems, in particular the DLR formalism (Gibbs states), we will move on to systems with quenched disorder. The first goal will be to discuss random Gibbs measures and metastates. In the context of the random field Ising model, we will consider uniqueness and non-uniqueness questions (Aizenman-Wehr, Bricmont-Kupiainen). The final part will be about mean-field models of spin glasses, where we will have a look at the (generalised) random energy and Sherrington-Kirkpatrick models. The course will follow A. Bovier's book "Statistical Mechanics of disordered systems. A mathematical perspective" (Cambridge series in statistical and probabilistic mathematics, CUP 2006)

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Regular lectures: Summer semester 2022

23.05.2022, 02:30