Introduction to tropical geometry

  • Lecturer: Alheydis Geiger
  • Date: Monday and Tuesday 9-11
  • Room: MPI MiS G3 10
  • Keywords: tropical geometry, polyhedral geometry, algebraic geometry, applications
  • Prerequisites: Linear Algebra, knowledge about algebraic geometry (especially varieties) is helpful, but not necessary.
  • Remarks: Homepage for the lecture is:


This lecture course features an introduction to tropical geometry, including the necessary parts of polyhedral and convex geometry. This course is meant to bridge the pure-mathematical view of tropical geometry towards a more computational and applied perspective. For this we will use mathematical software in exercises and examples, and, additionally, in the last few weeks, we will consider tropical geometry in the context of neural networks and/or extreme value statistics. During this course exercises will be handed out, which will include computing examples using the software package OSCAR in Julia. It is recommended to install these before the course. Installation instructions can be found here. The lecture course is also open for students from Leipzig University.

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Regular lectures: Summer semester 2023

21.08.2023, 02:30