Selected Topics in Geometry

  • Lecturer: Hans-Bert Rademacher
  • Date: Thursday 13:15 - 14:45
  • Room: Universität Leipzig, room SG 3-13
  • Language: English
  • Target audience: MSc students, PhD students, Postdocs
  • Keywords: Sectional curvature, closed geodesics, Morse theory, injectivity radius
  • Prerequisites: Basic knowledge about differential geometry and topology


We will discuss several topics in global Riemannian geometry. One can compare the geometry of a Riemannian manifold with a lower or upper bound for the sectional curvature with the geometry of a space of constant sectional curvature. One also obtains rigidity results characterizing constant curvature metrics. These methods can also be used to estimate the number of short closed geodesics on spaces of positive curvature.

Regular Lectures (Winter 2016/2017)

15.10.2018, 13:54