Equal opportunity

Science thrives on diversity, openness and tolerance.

The Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences works at the interface of mathematics and the natural sciences and brings together scientists from different disciplines, countries of origin and cultures. In this diversity lies the basis for the cutting-edge research that is carried out at our institute. We cultivate an institute culture that fosters the individual abilities of each scientist. For us, freedom in research means equal cooperation between all scientists - regardless of origin, gender, nationality, religion and cultural identity.

We place an emphasis on balancing research and family life and in particular on supporting female scientists during the family and career foundation phase.


Further education

Digital trainings on raising awareness on sexualized discrimination, harassment and violence, and on unconscious bias.

  • Courses on unconscious bias and sexual harassment are available for all employees via the LMS (Learning Management System/Learning platform of the Planck Academy), which can be found in your favorites on MAXnet
  • A variety of mentoring, networking and other career building opportunities are available through the MPG

Equal Opportunity Representative

Dr. Marta Panizzut

Phone: +49 / 341 / 9959-680

Office: F3 14


Deputy Equal Opportunity Representative

Dr. Samantha Fairchild

Phone: +49 / 341 / 9959-754

Office: F3 03


Equal Opportunity Representative of the MPG

Dr. Ulla Weber

Phone: +49 / 89 / 2108-1421



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