Career development

Young academics in all stages of their career – from PhD student to group leader – are dear to the heart of the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences. It is our unique position within the German science landscape, which makes it our duty to give all researchers the utmost support in their career development.

The ideas and desires for personal career development are, of course, as unique as the form of support, which fits the individual case. Our equal opportunity representative Dr. Anna-Laura Sattelberger, deputy equal opportunity representative Verena Morys, as well as our scientific coordinator Dr. Jörg Lehnert are pleased to answer any questions and discuss options with interested scientists.

Female researchers in particular suffer from the fact that professional success is not merely a question of diligence, qualifications or performance. Roadblocks prove to be gender-specific prejudice, valuation, obsolete gender roles and intransparent structures. Furthermore, women have less access to informal networks, which could serve as stepping stones into a successful job and career. This is why the Max Planck society has initiated various programs to help women in particular to shape their career with mentors at their side. More information on this can be found on the mentoring and career development section of the MPG website.

On a regional level, there is also the mentoring program for female postdocs in the Halle-Jena-Leipzig university alliance. Appropriately qualified female group leaders at the Max Planck Institute can apply at the University of Leipzig.

Networks for PhD students and postdocs

Equal Opportunity Representative

Dr. Anna-Laura Sattelberger

Phone: +49 / 341 / 9959-780

Office: F3 12


Scientific Coordinator

Dr. Jörg Lehnert

Phone: +49 / 341 / 9959-641

Büro: C3 04


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