Combinatorial Algebraic Geometry

Mateusz Michałek (Email)

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Combinatorial Algebraic Geometry


The main topics that will be studied by the group are:

  1. toric geometry and its relations to phylogenetics and tensors
  2. secant varieties with a view towards tensor decompositions and tensor rank
  3. geometric approach to fast matrix multiplication
  4. combinatorial aspects of polytopes and relations to algebra
  5. application of local algebraic methods in topological problems

Group Members

Surname, first nameEmailPhoneOfficeHomepage
Group Leader
Michałek, MateuszMateusz.Michalek680F3 14personal
Scientific Staff
Sertöz, EmreEmre.Sertoez780F3 12external
Ph.D. Students
Görlach, PaulPaul.Goerlach770F3 07group, personal
Seynnaeve, TimTim.Seynnaeve759F3 05group, personal
Vodička, MartinMartin.Vodicka790F3 15 
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