Combinatorial Algebraic Geometry

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Sommerterm 2019

Invitation to Nonlinear Algebra


Participants will work through the 13 chapters of the book manuscript with that title. The course will be a mix of lectures by participants and study sessions, with 2-3 hours devoted to each chapter. A tentative schedule is as follows:

1.Polynomial Rings(June 4 morning)
2.Varieties(June 4 afternoon)
3.Solving and Decomposing(June 5 morning)
4.Mapping and Projecting(June 5 afternoon)
5.Linear Spaces and Grassmannians(June 6 morning)
6.Nullstellensaetz(June 7 morning)
7.Tropical Algebra(June 10 morning)
8.Toric Varieties(June 10 afternoon)
9.Tensors(June 11 morning)
10.Representation Theory(June 13 morning)
11.Invariant Theory(June 13 afternoon)
12.Semidefinite Programming(June 14 morning)
13.Combinatorics(June 14 afternoon)

Each chapter will be assigned to one or two leading presenters. Assignments will be made in an organizational session on Monday, May 6. Prior to that date, please e-mail us (Sturmfels, Michałek) your preferred choice of chapters (first come, first serve). Participants from nearby universities (Leipzig, Berlin, Magdeburg,...) are most welcome. Travel support is available for assigned leaders.

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