17th GAMM-Seminar Leipzig on
Construction of Grid Generation Algorithms

Max-Planck-Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences
Inselstr. 22-26, D-04103 [O->]Leipzig
Phone: +49.341.9959.752, Fax: +49.341.9959.999

  17th GAMM-Seminar
February, 1st-3rd, 2001
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  09.00-09.50 Information J. Sch÷berl (Uni Linz):
NETGEN: Algorithms and Visions
  10.00-10.25 Information K. Yahia (Bosch, Stuttgart):
Full Automatic Grid Generation Using the Symmetric Axial Transformation
  10.30-11.00   Coffee break  
  11.00-11.25 Information S. Lang (Uni Heidelberg):
Parallel Unstructured Grid Adaption and its Use for 3D Problems
  11.30-11.55 Information V. Reichelt (RWTH Aachen):
On a Parallel Tetrahedral Grid Refinement Technique
  12.00-12.25 Information A. Wick (TU Berlin):
Generation of Dynamic Grids Using Structural Analogy
  12.30-14.30   Lunch  
  14.30-14.55 Information G. Berti (Uni Cottbus):
A Generic Toolbox for the Grid Craftsman
  15.00-15.25 Information S. Holzer (Uni Stuttgart):
Finite Element Meshes and Suitable Data Structures
  15.30-15.55 Information C. Helf (Uni Stuttgart):
A Polygonal/Polyhedral Grid Data Structure for Integrated Grid Generation and Flow Simulation
  16.00-16.30   Coffee break  
  16.30-18.30   Postersession  
  18.00   End  
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