COVID-19 Data Analysis Update - Disclaimer

We evaluate the data provided by

on a daily basis, concerning the numbers of persons infected, deceased or recovered from the COVID-19 virus in different countries (with more than 1000 cases). We exclude any liability with regard to the quality and accuracy of the data used, and also with regard to the correctness of the statistical analysis. The evaluation of the different growth phases represents solely our personal opinion.

The data are usually based on information provided by national governments or authorities. The number of cases reported may be significantly lower than the number of people actually infected, and these discrepancies may be different in different countries. However, as long as the ratio of reported cases to actual cases remains reasonably constant, statistical trends for actual cases can be derived with all due caution from analysis of the evolution of reported case numbers. In this context, however, we must point out that changes in the test system may lead to fluctuations in reported cases that have no equivalent in actual case numbers. It is also possible that some governments may manipulate their data for political reasons and therefore the reported case numbers may not necessarily correspond to the positively tested cases.

Certainly, at this stage all statistical predictions are subject to great uncertainty because the general trends of the epidemic are not yet clear. We do not know to what extent developments in countries where the epidemic appears to be already largely controlled, can be transferred to other countries. In any case, the statistical trends that we interpret from the data are only suitable for predictions if the measures taken by the respective governments and authorities to contain the pandemic remain in force and are being followed by the respective populations. We must also point out that, even if the statistics indicate that the epidemic is under control, we may at any time see a resurgence of infection figures until the disease is eradicated worldwide.

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