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Die grundlegenden Fragen, die von den Natur- und Ingenieurwissenschaften gestellt werden, haben schon immer die Mathematiker angeregt, neue mathematische Verfahren und Methoden zu entwickeln.
Die Wechselbeziehung zwischen der Mathematik und den anderen Wissenschaften bildet den Schnittpunkt der Arbeit aller Forschungsgruppen am Max-Planck-Institut für Mathematik in den Naturwissenschaften (MIS) in Leipzig, repräsentiert durch unsere Direktoren und Forschungsgruppenleiter:

Learning to code from the masters: the Macaulay2 Workshop at MPI MiS (2018-07-03)

Last month, our institute hosted a dedicated Macaulay2 workshop organized by former MPI MiS postdoc Eliana Duarte Gelvez (now at the Otto-von-Guericke Universität Magdeburg), together with Heather Harrington (University of Oxford) and Thomas Kahle (Magdeburg). Around 60 participants from around the world took part in the program, which offered them a unique opportunity to develop their coding skills by getting in touch with the experts.
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Modellansatz Podcast "Algebraic Geometry" with Eliana Duarte Gelvez (2018-06-28)

Former MPI MiS postdoc Eliana Duarte Gelvez recently met with Gudrun Täter from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology to record an episode of their Modellansatz Podcast. In their inspiring conversation, they discussed the role of algebraic geometry and polynomial equations in applications as well as Eliana’s personal experience as a mathematician.
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  • Hongmei Cao (17.07.)
  • Chao Jiang Xu (17.07.)
  • Shao-Ming Fei (16.07.)
  • Viola Priesemann (16.07.)
  • Gleb Smirnov (15.07.)
  • Chunqin Zhou (15.07.)

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Kürzlich eingereichte Preprints

  • A note on the Bloch representation of absolutely maximally entangled states (see abstract)
       B. Li, S. Jiang, S. Fei, and X. Li-Jost
  • Constructions of Unextendible Maximally Entangled Bases in ℂd ⊗ ℂd′ (see abstract)
       G. Zhang, Y. Tao, Y. Han, X. Yong, and S. Fei
  • Uncertainty relation based on Wigner-Yanase-Dyson skew information with quantum memory (see abstract)
       J. Li and S. Fei
  • Ordering states with various coherence measures (see abstract)
       L. Yang, B. Chen, S. Fei, and Z. Wang
  • Experimental Demonstration of Observability and Operability of Robustness of Coherence (see abstract)
       W. Zheng, Z. Ma, H. Wang, S. Fei, and X. Peng
  • Log smoothness and polystability over valuation rings (see abstract)
       K. Adiprasito, X. Liu, I. Pak, and M. Temkin

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