Convexity, Optimization and Data Science

Venkat Chandrasekaran


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Convexity, Optimization and Data Science

The Convexity, Optimization and Data Science research group studies the convex objects that arise in application, particularly from convex optimization and data science. More specifically, we are interested in understanding such convex bodies from combinatorial and algebraic perspectives.


Minicourse on Convex Geometry (July 05 - 16, 2021)

This mini-course will cover the basics of convex geometry with a focus on the facial structure of convex sets. The course will motivate the study of these topics via links to optimization. Fundamentals of the topic will be covered in lectures and exercise sessions. Problem-solving sessions that explore contemporary research questions are also planned.

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Group Members

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Shankar, IsabelleIsabelle.Shankar869G4 07external
Song, DogyoonDogyoon.Song871G4 07external
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Future Group Members and Visitors

  • Dressler, Mareike (19.06.2022 - 25.06.2022)
    • Affiliation: University of New South Wales (Sydney), School of Mathematics and Statistics, Australia
24.05.2022, 01:40