Information for our guests

Dear guest,

here we will provide some non-scientific information (mainly links) about our institute and Leipzig.

Since June 1998 our institute has its own guesthouse for short time visitors (up to 6 month). Our guesthouse is located in Chopinstraße 27. It is nearby the institute, less than 5 minutes walking distance. The city centre is also close by. Starting from our guesthouse you will walk about 10 minutes to the Leipzig main station, the “Promenaden Hauptbahnhof”.

Please note that it is just possible to rent an apartment at our guesthouse for guests of our institute only.

Leipzig has a beautiful city centre with its historical buildings, museums and interesting shopping stores. Please visit the website of the City of Leipzig where you can find more information about our city, activities, museums, events and more. If you might have a bit of free time during your stay and your work at our institute, the website of Leipzig Region will provide even more touristic information and offers interesting facts in several languages at their Download Centre.

If you would like to see additional information about our guesthouse, you will find maps and pictures at a separate page. If you wish to have more information about your relocation to Germany or you would like to see our webpage that has been developed for researchers, please visit our page from the International Office.

10.02.2020, 12:08