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Ivan Yamshchikov guest by ARD alpha Campus Talks

During the ARD show Campus Talks, scientists bring their research on stage. Each participant is given 13 minutes to explain their research to a broader audience.

MPI MiS postdoc Ivan Yamshchikov recently joined the show, giving an inspiring presentation on the challenges of bringing creativity into artificial intelligence algorithms. According to Ivan, creativity is what makes us human successful: it is what gave us inventions like the wheel, as well as poetry and music. Bringing creativity into AI algorithms is one of the biggest challenges of artificial intelligence today, and requires the joint efforts of mathematicians, statisticians and neuroscientists.

He reported on a project with Aleksei Tikhonov and the company Creaited, called The Network of Undead Poets, where they teach artificial intelligence how to write poetry and music lyrics matching the style of famous poets and musicians. By feeding the algorithm a huge number of examples, the researchers are able to obtain impressive results. How would a fifty year old Kurt Cobain sing, if he were still alive? Watch the video of Ivan's presentation to find out!

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