Connecting from Outside and Reading Email

The following services are for members and guests of the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences only. Unauthorized access is forbidden.

How to connect from outside using VPN

  • To connect via our VPN gateways please get yourself a certificate from our selfservice page (can only be reached from inside the MPI MiS).

Webmail (reading emails from outside with WWW interface)

Access to local licensed ressources via EZproxy

  • This service allows members of the institute to connect from outside to the internal wiki, the library catalogue and our licensed eResources (eBooks, eJournals and databases) from all over the world. Connect your browser to and login with your usual loginname and the ezproxy password (New visitors recieve the EZproxy-login together with their other access data.)

Intranet, Wiki and other internal services

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