Jürgen Jost

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04103 Leipzig

Administrative Assistant:
Antje Vandenberg
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Dynamical Systems and Network Analysis


External collaborators

  • Shiping Liu (USTC, Hefei)
  • Areejit Samal (Head of Max Planck Partner Group, Chennai)
  • Emil Saucan (Haifa)
  • Peter Stadler (Bioninformatics Chair, Universität Leipzig)
  • Melanie Weber (Princeton)

Graduate students

  • Armin Pournaki


  • Structure formation (with tools from dynamical systems, partial di erential equations, statistical physics)
  • Synchronization and coordination mechanisms in nonlinear dynamics; coupled dynamical networks; learning dynamics; applications to neurobiology
  • Spectra of graphs and simplicial complexes; applications to network analysis
  • Notions of generalized curvature as tools for the analysis of networks and higher dimensional schemes for representing correlations
  • Statistical properties of graph ensembles; connections with information geometry
  • Perturbations and bifurcation analysis of dynamical systems; stochastic dynamics
  • Statistical analysis; adaptive sampling; connections with information geometry
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