Jürgen Jost

Max-Planck-Institut für Mathematik in den Naturwissenschaften

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Inselstr. 22
04103 Leipzig

Lectures in the Summer term 2004

Dynamical Systems

Do. 08:15 - 09:45 Uhr, Hörsaal 4 der Uni

erster Termin: 08.04.2004

We discuss qualitative concepts for the mathematical analysis of dynamical systems. A dynamical system transforms its initial condition into an asymptotic final state or behavior, and one wishes to understand both individual dynamical systems for example in terms of their attractors, classes of dynamical systems sharing certain invariants and generic properties of most or many such systems. Depending on the interests of the audience, we shall also consider various applications to neural networks, synchronization processes, cellular automata and other classes of discrete networks,...

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