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Lectures in the Winter term 2005/2006

Geometry and Physics

friday 16:00 - 17:30 h, Room A02, MPI MiS

first appointment: Sept. 9, 2005

We discuss the relationship between structures and concepts from geometry and the calculus of variations on one hand and elementary particle physics on the other hand. Special topics include (super) Riemann surfaces, conformal field theory and supersymmetry, and the non-linear sigma model and other conformally invariant variational problems. In particular, we analyze the connections between the mathematical concept of a moduli space and the physical structure of symmetries and invariances.

Mathematical methods in biology and neurobiology

thursday 08:15 - 09:45 h, Room A02, MPI MiS

first appointment: Nov. 3, 2005

We shall describe essential mathematical techniques from dynamical systems (oscillators, bifurcations, synchronization, replicators,...), partial differential equations (reaction-diffusion equations,...), and other mathematical fields, with a view towards particular biological models like neural networks as well as towards an abstract theory of structure formation.

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