About our positions

The mission of the MPI for Mathematics in the Sciences is not only to apply existing mathematical methods and techniques to the sciences, but also to transmit the conceptual and structural approach of mathematics into new areas of research, and, vice versa, to translate scientific questions and problems into mathematical challenges.

This mission lives on an extremely interdisciplinary approach to mathematical and scientific questions and we attack these questions by means of scientific exchange, collaboration, and cooperation with researchers from all over the world. An important key to the research at the institute is that this collaboration includes researchers from many different fields like mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, computer science, economics, and neuroscience.

If you want to become a member of our interdisciplinary team as a postdoctoral researcher please visit our postdoc application page.

In order to foster this scientific exchange the MPI for Mathematics in the Sciences runs a guest program, inviting scientists and researchers to join our scientific staff for special research projects. This program is a crucial tool to cover the broad scope of the MPI for Mathematics in the Sciences. Researchers without own funds - in particular from Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe, and Far and Middle East - can apply for two kind of grants: long-term guest stipends (1-2 years) and short-term guest stipends (1-6 months).


MPI MiS will be as flexible as possible in assisting Ukrainian mathematicians with our programs, in particular with regard to application deadlines or the need for reference letters. Ukrainian mathematicians applying for one of our programs using the application form are strongly encouraged to also contact us via email.

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