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Mengyuan Zhang

Mengyuan Zhang is a PhD student at University of California, Berkeley and is visiting MPI MiS for the summer.

He is interested in algebraic geometry in a broad sense. Recently he used the techique of liaison to give a characterization of eigenschemes of tensors in the plane. This summer, he devotes himself to learning new techniques in real algebraic geoemtry, hoping to gain new insights to a reality problem about eigenschemes. During the upcoming Real Algebraic Geometry workshop, he will present a paper by Scheiderer on the counterexamples to the Helton-Nie conjecture.

Mengyuan enjoys conversations with other memebers at the institute about many other topics in related fields: the geometry of syzygies, free resolutions, intersection theory, real solutions to systems of equations, and computations in Macaulay2.

June 28, 2017

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