Lecture note 39/2008

Lectures on quantum field theory in curved spacetime

Christopher J. Fewster

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Submission date: 22. Oct. 2008
Pages: 62
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These notes provide an introduction to quantum field theory in curved space- times, starting from the beginning but leading to some areas of current research. Topics covered include: globally hyperbolic spacetimes, canonical quantization, Euclidean Green functions, the Unruh effect, gravitational particle production, algebraic quantization, the Hadamard and microlocal spectrum conditions, and quantum energy inequalities.

Table of Contents:
1 Introduction, scope and literature
2 Manifolds, covariant derivatives and all that
3 The classical Klein–Gordon field
4 Canonical quantization of the Klein–Gordon field
5 Algebraic approach to quantization
6 Microlocal analysis and the Hadamard condition
7 Closing remarks and additional literatureCopyright remains with the author.

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