Preprint 112/2002

Cell-based models of avascular tumor growth

Dirk Drasdo, Sabine Dormann, Stefan Höhme, and Andreas Deutsch

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Submission date: 17. Dec. 2002
published in: Function and regulation of cellular systems / A. Deutsch (ed.)
Basel : Birkhäuser, 2004. - P. 367 - 378
(Mathematics and biosciences in interaction) 
MSC-Numbers: 68Q80, 82C22, 92C50
PACS-Numbers: 87.18.-h
Keywords and phrases: avascular tumors, iindividual-based models, off-lattice, cellular automata

Two models for in-vitro avascular tumor growth are discussed which are complementary with respect to the growth stages they model. One of the models is a single-cell-based off-lattice model (in three dimensions), the other is a lattice approach (in two dimensions). The off-lattice approach operates in an early tumor growth stage where no growth-limitation due to a lack of nutrient occurs, whereas the lattice approach focuses on a later stage where nutrients are already lacking inside the tumor such that a necrotic core is formed. Chemicals released by dying cells at the later stage induce a cell migration toward the necrotic core which eventually is found to limit further growth. By combining the results of both models a potential qualitative scenario of avascular tumor growth is discussed.

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