Preprint 113/2002

On the temporal-spatial organization of epithelial cell populations in-vitro

Jörg Galle, Markus Loeffler, and Dirk Drasdo

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Submission date: 18. Dec. 2002
published in: Mathematical modelling and computing in biology and medicine / V. Capasso (ed.)
Bologna : Esculapio, 2003. - P. 413 - 420 
with the following different title: On the temporal-spatial organization of epithelial cell populations
MSC-Numbers: 82C22, 92C05, 82C80
PACS-Numbers: 87.18.-h, 87.68.+z
Keywords and phrases: single-cell based model, cell-substrate interactions, cell populations, biomechanics

The dynamic behavior of cell monolayers in general depends on the interaction of the individual cells with the underlying substrate. Examples are the interaction of individual cells with the hyaline layer during blastula formation, with the basal membrane in intestinal crypts and with the substrate in growing multicellular in-vitro cultures. In this work we present a novel single-cell based model that allows to study effects of biomechanical cell properties, cell-cell-, and cell-matrix adhesion on the spatial structure and the kinetic behavior of epithelial monolayers. Our model is based on a colloidal-particle-like approach for each individual cell and includes explicit representations of the dynamic volume control and cell-substrate interactions.

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