Preprint 44/2002

Seiberg-Witten maps and noncommutative Yang-Mills theories for arbitrary gauge groups

Glenn Barnich, Friedemann Brandt, and Maxim Grigoriev

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Submission date: 01. Jun. 2002 (revised version: August 2002)
Pages: 15
published in: Journal of high energy physics, 8 (2002), art-no. 023 
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Seiberg-Witten maps and a recently proposed construction of noncommutative Yang-Mills theories (with matter fields) for arbitrary gauge groups are reformulated so that their existence to all orders is manifest. The ambiguities of the construction which originate from the freedom in the Seiberg-Witten map are discussed with regard to the question whether they can lead to inequivalent models, i.e., models not related by field redefinitions.

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