Preprint 55/2002

Elliptic functions and temperature inversion symmetry on spheres

J. Stuart Dowker and Klaus Kirsten

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Submission date: 11. Jul. 2002
Pages: 36
published in: Nuclear physics / B, 638 (2002) 3, p. 405-432 
DOI number (of the published article): 10.1016/S0550-3213(02)00477-7
MSC-Numbers: 33E05
PACS-Numbers: 11.10.Wx
Keywords and phrases: elliptic functions, finite temperature, inversion symmetry
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Finite temperature boson and fermion free field theories on the space-time manifolds formula7Sformula9 are discussed with one eye on the questions of temperature inversion symmetry and modular invariance. For conformally invariant theories it is shown that the total energy at any temperature for any odd dimension, d, is given as a power series in the d=3 and d=5 energies, for scalars, and the d=1 and d=3 energies for spinors. Further, these energies can be given in finite terms at specific temperatures associated with singular moduli of elliptic function theory. Some examples are listed and numbers given.

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