Preprint 66/2002

Singular limit laminations, Morse index, and positive scalar curvature

Tobias H. Colding and Camillo De Lellis

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Submission date: 07. Aug. 2002 (revised version: August 2002)
Pages: 21
published in: Topology, 44 (2005) 1, p. 25-45 
DOI number (of the published article): 10.1016/
MSC-Numbers: 53A10, 53C21, 57N10
Keywords and phrases: minimal surfaces, morse index, positive scalar curvature, laminations
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For any 3-manifold formula12 and any nonnegative integer formula14, we give here examples of metrics on M each of which has a sequence of embedded minimal surfaces of genus formula14 and without Morse index bounds. On any spherical space form formula20 we construct such a metric with positive scalar curvature. More generally we construct such a metric with formula22 (and such surfaces) on any 3-manifold which carries a metric with formula22.

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