Preprint 83/2002

The eta invariant and the real connective K-theory of the classifying space for quaternion groups

Egidio Barrera-Yanez and Peter B. Gilkey

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Submission date: 10. Sep. 2002
Pages: 14
published in: Annals of global analysis and geometry, 23 (2003) 2, p. 173-188 
DOI number (of the published article): 10.1023/A:1022488431610
MSC-Numbers: 58G25
Keywords and phrases: quaternion spherical space form, eta invariant, symplectic k theory, real connective k theory
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We express the real connective K theory groups formula8 of the quaternion group formula10 of order formula12 in terms of the representation theory of formula10 by showing formula16 where formula18 is any fixed point free representation of formula10 in U(2k+2).

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