Preprint 45/2003

Mappings of finite distortion:The degree of regularity.

Daniel Faraco, Pekka Koskela, and Xiao Zhong

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Submission date: 07. May. 2003
Pages: 21
published in: Advances in mathematics, 190 (2005) 2, p. 300-318 
DOI number (of the published article): 10.1016/j.aim.2003.12.009
MSC-Numbers: 30C65, 26B10, 73C50
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Recently, a rich theory of mappings of finite distortion has been established. It has been proved that under natural assumptions on the distortion these mappings share with the familiar mappings of bounded distortion interesting topological and and analytical properties. In this paper we concentrate in the self-improving integrability of these mappings since the existing methods have only yield partial results (see the Monograph of Iwaniec and Martin for a detailed account about what was known about these mappings). We prove the following theorem: Let K(x) be such that formula15, formula17. Then there exists two universal constants formula19 with the following property. Let f be in formula23 with formula25 and the Jacobian determinant J(x,f) in formula29. Then automatically J(x,f) is in formula33.

As a consequence we obtained novel results on the size of removable sets for bounded functions of finite distortion and on the area distortion under these type of mappings.

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