Preprint 97/2003

Reaction-Diffusion in Nonsmooth and Closed Domains

Ugur G. Abdulla

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Submission date: 28. Nov. 2003
published in: Boundary value problems, 2007 (2007), art-no. 31261 
DOI number (of the published article): 10.1155/2007/31261
MSC-Numbers: 35K65, 35K55
Keywords and phrases: reaction-diffusion, nonsmooth domains, boundary regularity, boundary gradient estimates, degenerate and singular parabolic equations, uniqueness and comparison results

We investigate the Dirichlet problem for the parabolic equation
in a non-smooth and closed domain formula10 possibly formed with irregular surfaces and having a characteristic vertex point. Existence, boundary regularity, uniqueness and comparison results are established.

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