Preprint 50/2004

Rank-one convex functions on 2x2 symmetric matrices and laminates on rank-three lines

Sergio Conti, Daniel Faraco, Francesco Maggi, and Stefan Müller

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Submission date: 13. Aug. 2004
Pages: 21
published in: Calculus of variations and partial differential equations, 24 (2005) 4, p. 479-493 
DOI number (of the published article): 10.1007/s00526-005-0343-8
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We construct a function on the space of symmetric formula3 matrices in such a way that it is convex on rank-one directions and its distributional Hessian is not a locally bounded measure. This paper is also an illustration of a recently proposed technique to disprove formula5 estimates by the construction of suitable probability measures (laminates) in matrix space. From this point of view the novelty is that the support of the laminate, besides satisfying a convex constraint, needs to be contained on a rank-three line, up to arbitrarily small errors.

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