Preprint 122/2005

Super-Liouville Equations on Closed Riemann Surfaces

Jürgen Jost, Guofang Wang, and Chunqin Zhou

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Submission date: 20. Dec. 2005
Pages: 24
published in: Communications in partial differential equations, 32 (2007) 7/9, p. 1103-1128 
DOI number (of the published article): 10.1080/03605300600962663
Keywords and phrases: super-liouville equations, spinor field, blow-up analysis
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Motivated by the supersymmetric extension of Liouville theory in the recent physics literature, we couple the standard Liouville functional with a spinor field term. The resulting functional is conformally invariant. We study geometric and analytic aspects of the resulting Euler-Lagrange equations, culminating in a blow up analysis.

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