Preprint 52/2005

Nilpotent metric Lie algebras of small dimension

Ines Kath

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Submission date: 27. May. 2005
Pages: 29
published in: Journal of lie theory, 17 (2007) 1, p. 41-61 
MSC-Numbers: 53C35, 53C50, 17B05
Keywords and phrases: nilpotent lie algebras, invariant scalar products, indefinite metrics
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In a previous paper (Kath, Olbrich, Math. Z.246, 2004) we developed a general classification scheme for metric Lie algebras, i.e. for finite-dimensional Lie algebras equipped with a non-degenerate invariant inner product. Here we determine all nilpotent Lie algebras formula7 with formula9 which are used in this scheme. Furthermore, we classify all nilpotent metric Lie algebras of dimension at most 10.

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