Preprint 63/2005

Heat content asymptotics for Riemannian manifolds with Zaremba boundary conditions

Michiel van den Berg, Peter B. Gilkey, Klaus Kirsten, and Vladimir Kozlov

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Submission date: 17. Jun. 2005
Pages: 26
published in: Potential analysis, 26 (2007) 3, p. 225-254 
DOI number (of the published article): 10.1007/s11118-005-9001-1
MSC-Numbers: 58J35, 35P99
Keywords and phrases: heat content asymptotics, n/d problem, zaremba problem
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The existence of a full asymptotic expansion for the heat content asymptotics of an operator of Laplace type with classical Zaremba boundary conditions on a smooth manifold is established. The first three coefficients in this asymptotic expansion are determined in terms of geometric invariants; partial information is obtained about the fourth coefficient.

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