Preprint 80/2005

Best N-term approximation in electronic structure calculations. II. Jastrow factors

Heinz-Jürgen Flad, Wolfgang Hackbusch, and Reinhold Schneider

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Submission date: 08. Sep. 2005
Pages: 20
published in: ESAIM / Mathematical modelling and numerical analysis, 41 (2007) 2, p. 261-279 
DOI number (of the published article): 10.1051/m2an:2007016
MSC-Numbers: 41A50, 41A63, 65Z05, 81V70
Keywords and phrases: best n-term approximation, electron correlations, wavelets, jastrow factor
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We present a novel application of best N-term approximation theory in the framework of electronic structure calculations. The paper focus on the description of electron correlations within a Jastrow-type ansatz for the wavefunction. As a starting point we discuss certain natural assumptions on the asymptotic behaviour of two-particle correlation functions formula23 near electron-electron and electron-nuclear cusps. Based on Nitsche's characterization of best N-term approximation spaces formula27, we prove that formula29 for q>1 and formula33 with respect to a certain class of anisotropic wavelet tensor product bases. Computational arguments are given in favour of this specific class compared to other possible tensor product bases. Finally, we compare the approximation properties of wavelet bases with standard Gaussian-type basis sets frequently used in quantum chemistry.

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