Preprint 131/2006

On realizations of the Steenrod algebras

Alexei Lebedev and Dimitry A. Leites

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Submission date: 14. Nov. 2006
Pages: 15
published in: Journal of prime research in mathematics, 2 (2006), p. 101-112 
MSC-Numbers: 55N
Keywords and phrases: Steenrod algebra, Lie superalgebra, Lie algebra
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The Steenrod algebra can not be realized as an enveloping of any Lie superalgebra. We list several problems that suggest a need to modify the definition of the enveloping algebra, for example, to get rid of certain strange deformations which we qualify as an artifact of the inadequate definition of the enveloping algebra in positive characteristic. P.Deligne appended our paper with a realization the Steenrod algebra as a supergroup scheme, his comments, hints and open problems.

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