Preprint 78/2006

Simple Lie superalgebras and non-integrable distributions in characteristic p

Sofiane Bouarroudj and Dimitry A. Leites

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Submission date: 22. Aug. 2006
Pages: 12
published in: Zapiski naucnych seminarov POMI, 331 (2006) 14, p. 15-29, 221 
MSC-Numbers: 17B50, 70F25
Keywords and phrases: simple Lie superalgebras, nonholonomic structures
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Recently, Grozman and Leites returned to the original Cartan's description of Lie algebras to interpret the Melikyan algebras (for formula4) and several other little-known simple Lie algebras over algebraically closed fields for p=3 as subalgebras of Lie algebras of vector fields preserving nonintegrable distributions analogous to (or identical with) those preserved by G(2), O(7), Sp(4) and Sp(10). The description was performed in terms of Cartan-Tanaka-Shchepochkina prolongs using Shchepochkina's algorithm and with the help of SuperLie package. Grozman and Leites also found two new series of simple Lie algebras.

Here we apply the same method to distributions preserved by one of the two exceptional simple finite dimensional Lie superalgebras over the field of complex numbers; for p=3, we obtain a series of new simple Lie superalgebras and an exceptional one.

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