Preprint 56/2007

On the Trace Space of a Sobolev Space with a Radial Weight

Helmut Abels, Miroslav Krbec, and Katrin Schumacher

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Submission date: 18. Jun. 2007
Pages: 19
published in: Journal of function spaces and applications, 6 (2008) 3, p. 259-276 
DOI number (of the published article): 10.1155/2008/986720
MSC-Numbers: 46E35, 46E30
Keywords and phrases: weighted Sobolev spaces, Muckenhoupt weights, trace spaces
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Our concern in this paper lies with trace spaces for weighted Sobolev spaces, when the weight is a power of the distance to a point at the boundary. For a large range of powers we give a full description of the trace space.

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