Preprint 8/2007

Selection of asymptotic states through screening induced fluctuations in Ostwald ripening

Barbara Niethammer and Juan J.L. Velazquez

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Submission date: 24. Jan. 2007
Pages: 37
MSC-Numbers: 82C26, 82C22
Keywords and phrases: kinetics of phase transitions, domain coarsening, fluctuations of large particles
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In this paper we derive a model for the evolution of the particle radius density in the space of radii for a system of many particles that evolve according to the Mullins-Sekerka problem. The derived model is a correction of the classical LSW theory that takes the effect of the fluctuations of the particle density into account. The main difference between the model derived in this paper and the classical LSW theory is the presence of a second order term yielding a boundary layer effect for large particles. In particular this model provides a possible solution for the so-called "selection problem" in the LSW theory.

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