Preprint 12/2008

On the magnetohydrodynamic load and the magnetohydrodynamic metage

Sagar Chakraborty and Partha Guha

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Submission date: 06. Feb. 2008
Pages: 17
published in: Physics of plasmas, 15 (2008) 1, art-no. 012112 
DOI number (of the published article): 10.1063/1.2836617
PACS-Numbers: 47.65.-d, 52.30.Cv
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In analogy with the load and the metage in hydrodynamics, this paper defines magnetohydro- dynamic load and magnetohydrodynamic metage in the case of magnetofluids. They can be used to write the magnetic field in MHD in Clebsch's form. It has been shown herein how these two concepts can be utilised to derive the magnetic analogue of the Ertel's theorem and also, how in the presence of non-trivial topology of the magnetic field in the magnetofluid one may associate the linking number of the magnetic field lines with the invariant MHD loads. The paper illustrates that the symmetry translation of the MHD metage in the corresponding label space generates the conservation of cross helicity.

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