Preprint 32/2009

An Atomistic to Continuum Model for Biopolymers Self-Assembled Aggregation

Leonid Berlyand, Maxim V. Fedorov, and Lei Zhang

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Submission date: 14. Jul. 2009 (revised version: August 2009)
Pages: 16
MSC-Numbers: 74, 92, 65
Keywords and phrases: Atomistic to Continuum, Self-Assembled Aggregation, discrete curvature
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We want to address the following problem of hierarchical modeling of the structure of biopolymer self-assembly, and relate the marcoscale mechanical and geometrical property to their microscale molecular property, for example, how to link the chirality and the amphiphilicity of the single amino acid to the shape of their supramolecular aggregates, or mathematically, how to derive the elastic parameters from the parameters at the atomistic scale.

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