Preprint 35/2009

Least-squares hp/spectral element method for elliptic problems

Kishore Kumar Naraparaju and G. Naga Raju

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Submission date: 17. Jul. 2009 (revised version: August 2009)
Pages: 28
published in: Applied numerical mathematics, 60 (2010) 1/2, p. 38-54 
DOI number (of the published article): 10.1016/j.apnum.2009.08.008
MSC-Numbers: 65M70, 65N35, 65Y05
Keywords and phrases: Geometric mesh, least-squares solution, preconditioner, auxiliary mapping
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The solution of elliptic boundary value problems often leads to singularities due to non-smoothness of the domains on which the problem is posed. This paper studies the performance of the nonconforming hp/spectral element method for elliptic problems on non smooth domains. This paper deals with monotone singularities of type formula7 and formula9 as well as the oscillating singularities of type formula11

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