Preprint 42/2009

On Planar and Non-planar Isochronous Systems and Poisson Structures

Partha Guha and Anindya Ghose Choudhury

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Submission date: 23. Jul. 2009
Pages: 20
published in: International journal of geometric methods in modern physics, 7 (2010) 7, p. 1115-1131 
DOI number (of the published article): 10.1142/S0219887810004750
MSC-Numbers: 70H03, 35F20
Keywords and phrases: Isochronous systems, Jacobi identity, Poisson structure
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We construct certain new classes of isochronous dynamical systems based on the recent constructions of Calogero and Leyvraz. We show how a Poisson structure can be ascribed to such equations in formula3 and indicate their connection with the Nambu structures.

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