Preprint 54/2009

Time Discretisation for a Class of Singular Phase Field Models

André Schlichting

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Submission date: 04. Sep. 2009
Pages: 38
published in: Advances in mathematical sciences and applications, 19 (2009) 2, p. 665-700 
MSC-Numbers: 35K60, 35Q99, 80A22
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This paper is motivated by the work of Bonetti, Colli, Fabrizio and Gilardi (J. Differential Equations 2009;246;3260-3295), which treats the mathematical analysis of a thermomechanical model describing phase transitions in terms of the entropy and order structure balance law. Our main purpose is to discretise this model in time, show the existence, uniqueness and boundedness of the order parameter formula3 for the discretised model. Finally, the paper gives a result on the convergence of the discretised model to the time continuous one.

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