Preprint 72/2009

Families of Line Bundles over Riemann Surfaces, their Sections, and their Degenerations -- A Constructive Approach using Automorphic Forms

Guy Buss

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Submission date: 09. Dec. 2009
Pages: 61
MSC-Numbers: 30F30, 30F35, 30F60, 32L05, 32N10
Keywords and phrases: Automorphic Forms, Teichmueller Space, Degenerations
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In this paper we study the deformation problem of pairs consisting of a Riemann surface and a holomorphic line bundle over that surface, and also sections thereof. We emphasize a constructive approach throughout and use covering space techniques. In particular, we also describe the limits of such degenerations as the boundary of Teichmüller space is approached, and review the construction of augmented Teichmüller space in great detail.

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