Preprint 13/2010

Transversality problems in symplectic field theory and a new Fredholm theory

Oliver Fabert

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Submission date: 03. Mar. 2010
Pages: 18
MSC-Numbers: 53D42, 53D40, 53D45
Keywords and phrases: symplectic field theory, J-holomorphic curve, Fredholm theory
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This survey wants to give a short introduction to the transversality problem in symplectic field theory and motivate to approach it using the new Fredholm theory by Hofer, Wysocki and Zehnder. With this it should serve as a lead-in to the user's guide to polyfolds, which is appearing soon and the result of a working group organized by J. Fish, R. Golovko and the author at MSRI Berkeley in fall 2009.

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