Preprint 68/2013

Quantum correlations induced by local von Neumann measurement

Ming-Jing Zhao, Ting-Gui Zhang, Zong-Guo Li, Xianqing Li-Jost, Shao-Ming Fei, and De-Shou Zhong

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Submission date: 18. Jul. 2013
Pages: 11
published in: International journal of theoretical physics, 52 (2013) 7, p. 2379-2385 
DOI number (of the published article): 10.1007/s10773-013-1521-7
Keywords and phrases: Quantum correlation, Semiquantum correlation, Joint quantum correlation
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We study the total quantum correlation, semiquantum correlation and joint quantum correlation induced by local von Neumann measurement in bipartite system. We analyze the properties of these quantum correlations and obtain analytical formula for pure states. The experiment witness for these quantum correlations is further provided and the significance of these quantum correlations is discussed in the context of local distinguishability of quantum states.

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