Preprint 78/2014

On the differentiability of Lipschitz functions with respect to measures in the Euclidean space

Giovanni Alberti and Andrea Marchese

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Submission date: 11. Aug. 2014
Pages: 54
published in: Geometric and functional analysis, 26 (2016) 1, p. 1-66 
DOI number (of the published article): 10.1007/s00039-016-0354-y
MSC-Numbers: 26B05, 49Q15, 26A27, 28A75, 46E35
Keywords and phrases: Lipschitz functions, differentiability, Rademacher theorem, normal currents
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Rademacher theorem states that every Lipschitz function on the Euclidean space is differentiable almost everywhere, where “almost everywhere” refers to the Lebesgue measure. Our main result is an extension of this theorem where the Lebesgue measure is replaced by an arbitrary measure μ. In particular we show that the differentiability properties of Lipschitz functions at μ-almost every point are related to the decompositions of μ in terms of rectifiable one-dimensional measures. In the process we obtain a differentiability result for Lipschitz functions with respect to (measures associated to) k-dimensional normal currents, which we use to extend certain formulas involving normal currents and maps of class C1 to Lipschitz maps.

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