Preprint 34/2015

Residually many BV homeomorphisms map a null set in a set of full measure

Andrea Marchese

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Submission date: 03. Jun. 2015 (revised version: June 2015)
Pages: 15
MSC-Numbers: 46B35, 26B35
Keywords and phrases: Sobolev homeomorphism, baire categories, piecewise affine homeomorphism
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Let Q = [0,1]2 be the unit square in 2. We prove that in a suitable complete metric space of BV homeomorphisms f : Q Q with f|∂Q = Id, the generical homeomorphism (in the sense of Baire categories) maps a null set in a set of full measure and vice versa. Moreover we observe that, for 1 p < 2, in the most reasonable complete metric space for such problem, the family of W1,p homemomorphisms satisfying the above property is of first category, instead.

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