Preprint 80/2018

An equivariant pullback structure of trimmable graph C*-algebras

Francesca Arici, Francesco D'Andrea, Piotr M. Hajac, and Mariusz Tobolski

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Submission date: 17. Sep. 2018
Pages: 26
MSC-Numbers: 46L80, 46L85, 58B32
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We prove that the graph C*-algebra C(E) of a trimmable graph E is U(1)-equivariantly isomorphic to a pullback C*-algebra of a subgraph C*-algebra C(E′′) and the C*-algebra of functions on a circle tensored with another subgraph C*-algebra C(E). This allows us to unravel the structure and K-theory of the fixed-point subalgebra C(E)U(1) through the (typically simpler) C*-algebras C(E), C(E′′) and C(E′′)U(1). As examples of trimmable graphs, we consider one-loop extensions of the standard graphs encoding respectively the Cuntz algebra 𝒪2 and the Toeplitz algebra 𝒯 . Then we analyze equivariant pullback structures of trimmable graphs yielding the C*-algebras of the Vaksman–Soibelman quantum sphere Sq2n+1 and the quantum lens space Lq3(l;1,l), respectively.

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